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Dhaka, March 31

Burma-Bangladesh prisoner exchange

The upcoming exchange of prisoners between the two neighboring countries of Burma and Bangladesh was postponed from 12 March to an unknown date, said a local official in Cox's Bazaar.

He did not, however, want to reveal the reason behind the postponement after the two neighboring countries agreed on the 12 March exchange.

According to a press release of the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry before 12 March, the Burmese authority is to soon release 75 Bangladeshi prisoners from several jails in

The Bangladeshi authority was also set to return 115 Burmese prisoners from the Cox's Bazar jail to
Burma on 12 March.

Now that the exchange has been indefinitely postponed the prisoners are still languish in their respective prisons in
Burma and Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi prisoners that are now being detained in various jails in Burma are serving various jail terms, ranging from 2 to 25 years, while some Burmese prisoners in Bangladeshi prisons have already served over 25 years.

According to border sources, Burmese officials from several departments including the Foreign Ministry, Immigration Department, and the Manpower Department have not yet reached an agreement to accept Burmese prisoners from

People from Akyab that are close to the local jail authority said that the process of the exchange of prisoners may be delayed at least three months because some of the Burmese prisoner's addresses are wrong and the authority does not have the means to look for their address in Burma.

The decision to exchange the prisoners was a gesture of the warm relationship between the two countries following the visit of
Burmas Foreign Minister, Nyan Win, to Bangladesh last month.

A Burmese official said that Bangladeshi prisoners in
Burmas jails would be sent to Dhaka after authorities completed the necessary preparations as early as possible, but there was not any comment for the Burmese prisoners in Bangladesh. #


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