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Dhaka, April 4

A Burmese guerrilla group is suspected in the kidnapping of 5 Bangladeshis


A guerrilla group from Burma is suspected in the kidnapping of 5 Bangladeshis from a work site in the Bandaban district town of Bangladesh during the early hours of April 2, reported local sources.


According to an official source, up to eight criminals abducted the five at gunpoint from a labour shed in Bangchhari, 15 km from the Roangchhari Township's headquarters in Bandaban Hill district.


The abductees are said to be bulldozer-driver Mohammad Helal, his assistant Mohammad Belal, and three unidentified indigenous locals.


No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the abduction, but the authorities suspect that a guerrilla group from Burma has taken the Bangladeshi people hostage for ransom.


A few days ago the guerrilla group demanded money from construction firm-owner Kazi Mohotul Hossain, said the officials.


However, a former member of an Arakanese guerrilla group has said that it is too early to release such details regarding the incident, because in the Chittagong hill tract area there are not only guerrilla groups from Burma but also local tribal insurgent groups. All groups have been collecting ransom from local people, as well as from businessmen.


He added that some Bangladeshi criminal groups have at times operated under false Arakanese group names, such as Arakan Army, to collect toll money from local people.


High officials from both the Bangladesh Army and police departments have visited the area in order to take necessary action. #




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