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Cox's Bazar, April 11

Two Bangladeshi Arakanese women have been arrested for dealing in heroin


Two Bangladeshi Arakanese women were arrested by police in Cox'sbazar, a southern district town of Bangladesh near Burma, for heroin-dealing. The arrest occurred on April 7th, reported a Cox'sbazar-based Bangali newspaper.


Acting on a tip-off, the narcotic control team raided the women's houses in the area, recovered the heroin, and arrested them, police sources said.


But one woman escaped from custody when they were sent to the police department.


The heroin weighed about 5 grams.  However the narcotic department believes that the drug traffickers behind the operation are in possession of a much larger among of heroin.


According to police sources, the two women have been involved in heroin-dealing for many years, working with the leaders of trafficking rings of the Cox'sbazar area.


Police are now searching for clues relating to other criminals involved in the heroin trade, and are seeking to discover the route which the drugs flow into Bangladesh


Bangladeshi authorities have never stated the origin of the drug route, even though they have often seized a number drug from the areas.


A local Arakanese community source has stated that as Arakanese people are becoming poorer every day at present in Bangladesh, a small number of women are now becoming involved in drug smuggling, and selling alcohol. This is the result of the lack of community development for the minority Arakanese women living the area.#



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