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Akyab, April 13


Former Arakan Nasaka officers receive 60 to 150 year sentences

4/13/2005 An Arakan State court in Akyab convicted and sentenced Bri-Gan Aung Ngwe, former a commander in charge of Arakan state


Nasaka, to imprisonment for 67 years, on April 7, said a lawyer from a state court of Akyab.


The court also sentenced the Deputy Commander of Nasaka, Colonel Myint Oo, to 135 years imprisonment and another 3 Burmese Muslim businessmen to 49 years imprisonment.


All those convicted were arrested by the authority, along with a large number of Nasaka officials in Arakan State, after Prime Minister Khin Nyunt was removed from his position.


The present military government alleged that the accused were involved in a number of private business sectors, using their power of authority in Arakan State.


Furthermore, Bri-Gan Aung Nwdge was accused for several cases including his alleged involvement in a murder case in 1993. A sergeant reportedly died in a car accident, but Aung Ngwe insisted in court that he was killed by a wild elephant. The owner of the car was his business partner.


Nasaka Deputy Commander, Colonel Myint Oo, was accused by the authority of doing drug business and cooperating with drug smugglers from eastern Burma.


The fate of more than 30 other intelligence and Nasaka officers is still unknown, and they are detained in an Akyab central jail, where they will surely face similar punishments as the Nasaka commander in the near future, said the lawyer.


On April 7, about 40 former Military Intelligent Service ( MIS) officers, including Brig-Gan Thein Shwe and Brig-Gan Than Tun, were sentenced to 20 to 200 years imprisonment by a special tribunal of the notorious Rangoon jail, Insein.


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