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Mrauk Oo, April 14

Forced labor in the last ancient city of Arakan

Forced labor in Arakan state is now again increasing, having taken place in several areas of Arakan state, including Mrauk Oo, an ancient Arakanese city, said a well-know local person.

A few months ago there was no forced labor here, and the problem had almost disappeared in Mrauk Oo. But now the authorities are again perpetrating forced labor around the Maruk Oo town", he said.

The authorities have summoned town people, through the local Rayaka village administration, to work in the hills surrounding  Mrauk Oo, forcing them to clear thick clumps of bushes and cut down trees.

We are forced to work there at least four days each month, 6 hours a day. If anybody refuses, they must pay a fine to the authorities" he said.

People from the Aung Dat, Die Gyi, Mrot Thik, Aung Mingalar and Baung Duat regions of Mrauk Oo are targeted for forced labor in the town.  People follow the order as they are afraid of the actions which authorities will take if they refuse.

Another local person said that there was not only forced labor, but also forced payments for road maintenance by the authorities. People are ordered to maintain the road in front of their house using their own money.

According to another source from Ponna Kyunt town, government authorities are also using forced labor in government rubber plantations. People from Yota Roke, Moe Tin Byin, Aung Pru Bryin. Pan Nilar, Inn daw under the Ponna Kyunt Township are all being forced to work in the plantation. #


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