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Pirates from
Burma and Thailand Loot the Marine Fisheries in the Bay of Bengal

pirates from Burma and Thailand have long been engaging in the looting of marine fisheries in Bangladeshi waters in the Bay of Bengal via illegally intruding with the use of modern fishing trawlers and fishing boats.

The pirates steel no less than 800 to 1000 million Taka worth of goods from marine fisheries in the
Bay of Bengal each year, noted a report in The Daily Star. 

In the
Bay of Bengal, 3000 sq km are Bangladeshi territory.  Consequently, the Bangladesh authority is not able to guard and protect its vast water territory.  

“For the lack of security and
Bangladesh authority sluggishness, more than 200 Bangladeshi trawler owners have lost all their belongings at the hand of pirates," said a trawler owner to the daily star newspaper.

According to Marine sources, Bangladeshi water territory is an excellent location for marine fisheries, due to the presence of fifteen different types of Prawn.  Unfortunately, 30 percent of these resources are plundered by pirates. 

The pirates sometimes even kidnap the Bangladeshi fishermen at gunpoint and hold them hostage while the pirates unload fish from Bangladeshi fishing boats, said another Bangladeshi fisherman.

Bangladesh has already formed a 10 members task-force to restrain the pirates and prevent smuggling in the sea. But the task force is yet to start its function, said the report.

According to a source from Burma, Thai trawlers are not only looting marine fisheries from Bangladesh but also in Burma Arakan water following damage caused in Thai marine fisheries due to a large number and lengthy presence of Thai modern fishing trawlers.#


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