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Dhaka, April 25


Rakhaing Womens Union extends its activities in the United States

Rakhaing Womens Union (RWU) extended its activities in the United States by forming a USA branch, according to a RWU press statement dated 23 April 2005.

The president of RWU, Saw Mra Raza Lunn, said that the American branch has been formed to unite Rakhaing women under a single banner of womanhood.  The goal of this is to work hand in hand with Rakhaing men to save Rakhaing who are underdeveloped in every aspect of life.

The American branch was formed on
13th April, 2005, consisting of a patron and 12 Rakhaing women currently living in the USA. According to the statement, Dr. Aye Nu is the Patron of the USA RWU branch, Saw Myint Myint Aung is the President, Saw Tin Lay Nwe is the Vice President, Saw Mra Thuza is the General Secretary and Saw Nwe Nwe Oo is the Joint General Secretary.

The statement also said that R! WU was formed in 1998 and it has had branches in the boarder triangle area of
India, Bangladesh and Rakhaing and Maesod in Thailand.


The American branch was formed not just to organize women activists in the border areas, but aims to attract involvement of Rakahing women living around the world.


The formation of the branch was organized after the discussion of the Rakhaing Women in the USA with the President Mra Raza Lunn during her two week visit to the United States in March, 2005.

RWU is working not only for the unity of the Rakhaing women but also for the development of Rakhaing people and for the education and health promotion of Rakhaing children seeking shelter in the border area.#



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