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Cox’s Bazar, April 27



The First Bangladeshi Rakhaing Modern Music Album Released in Cox’s Bazar


The first Rakhaing modern Music album by Bangladesh-Rakhaing from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh was released on April 5th, 2005.

The album was produced by the Bangladesh Rakhaing Music Production Group (BRMP Group).  The album (Hnoon Khree Song: Winter that makes the snow falls) was the endeavor of the Rakhaing band “Metal Cross” under the leadership of Kyaw Nyine, who is also one of the three vocalists, Kyaw Nyine, Than Oo Kyaw and Mum Saw Mon.


 The nine song album has been released in Audio CD format and was recorded by HD Recording, in Cox’s Bazar.


The album has been a hit among the Rakhaing in Bangladesh as well as in Arakan state (Rakhine state) in Burma where the majority of Rakhaing live.


“We are very happy with the response of the Rakhaing communities both in Bangladesh and Burma to our music.  We will work harder to promote our culture through our music,” said Kyaw Nyine. The songs were written by the vocalists and Kyaw Kyaw. 


 Than Oo Kyaw said “we are happy to learn that our adaptation of old Arakanese folklore “Kwee Kyong Tha (Buffalo shepherd) has been a popular hit in both Arakan and Bangladesh. We will try to make more of our heritage popular among the Arakanese youth.”


There have been many Rakhaing modern music albums produced by Arakanese (also know as Rakhaing in Bangladesh and Rakhine sometime in Burma). However, due to the notorious regime of the Burmese junta, the artistic freedom and the cultural expressions that contradict the junta’s Burmanization policy has been severely violated.


In contrast to the condition in Burma, there are strong support for the development Rakhaing cultural and social activities in Bangladesh both from the government and non-government sectors. #



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