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Dhaka, April 29



VBSW Denounces Bomb Blast of Mandalay


A Burmese militant student group, known as the ‘Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors’ (VBSW), denounced the bomb blast of Mandalay Zaycho in its internet media release that was issued on 27 April.


The bomb blast occurred on the ground floor of Zaycho, the main market in Mandalay, on 26 April, 2005, killing two people and seriously injuring at least 15 others. 


In the media release, VBSW assured that it has never committed such acts of cruelty in its history and would never support such irrational acts. VWSA utterly denounced the bomb blast that resulted in the harm of innocent civilians.


VBSW only intends to destroy the Burmese regime’s interests and businesses, while avoiding the interests of innocent people in Burma, said in the media release.


The media release also denounced the present military regime that is fully responsible for the incident. VBSW also urged the military regime to stop the human rights violations around the country and to immediately release all political prisoners while avoiding such kind of incidents in the future.


The Burmese military government accused the group of being destructive insurgents who want to disturb and destroy the stability of state, community peace and tranquillity and the prevalence of law and order that already exists in some parts of Burma.


VBSW is a militant student group of Burma, known to the world for its efforts in the siege of the Burmese embassy and for taking several diplomats and their families hostage in Bangkok in 1999.#




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