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Akyab, May 5



Curfew placed on Akyab after family murder


A curfew has been imposed in Akyab, the capital of Arakan State in western Burma for the last two weeks. This was done in reaction to the murder of an officer and his father. They were stabbed to death by a group of people, said an Arakanese trader in Cox's Bazaar.


 "Anybody found on the street after 8 pm have been arrested by the army and the police are patrolling the streets in Akyab with armoured vehicles", the trader said.


According to a source from Akyab, at least 50 people were arrested by the authority after they imposed the curfew. Some of the captives were released after they bribed the authorities.


Two people who were involved in the murder case have been arrested by police but a remaining person is still at large, said the Akyab source.


The murder happened while three families from the Burmese Army were going to a jetty of Akyab on their return trip to their native town, Taung Guok, a southern town of Arakan.  It was just after the water festival. They were attacked by a local gang of three near the small market of Sungulan Quarter around 4 am on the 17th of April.


One army official and his father were stabbed to death on the spot and the army officer's ten-year-old son escaped unharmed. The attackers took 60,000 Burmese kyats (about US $ 65) from them, said the Akyab source. #



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