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Coxs Bazar, May 6


Burma Arrests People Who Enter Illegally From Bangladesh


The Burmese Border Security Forces (known as Nasaka) in Maung Daw Township, Burmas western township, arrested 15 people who entered Burma illegally from neighbouring Bangladesh.


A patrol from the Nasaka Region (7) found the people in a Burmese boat in Toung Chaung Creek, Maung Daw.


According to a Nasaka official, the boat that carried the illegal migrants is owned by Hassian from Tha Rae Gone Tan village, Maung Daw Township. The boat journeyed across the border from Teknaf, the southernmost town in Bangladesh, with the migrants into Burma.


There were 7 male and 2 female adults in addition to 6 children who were found. The children included a 1 year and nine month old.


Nasaka will charge 9 adults, according to the Burmese Immigration law, while the children will be released and deported to Bangladesh after being given a warning.


However, a local leader from Teknaf said that the arrestees were Burmese citizens who fleeted Burma more than 10 years ago and had settled in Bangladesh. He claims that they were arrested while re-entering Burma.


Narinjara News has not been able to confirm the nature nor origin of the people and whether or not they are Burmese citizens. #



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