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Akyab, May 8



Increased Security Measures in Arakan After Rangoon’s Bomb Blast


The military junta in Arakan, the western state of Burma, has increased security measures after a deadly bomb blast in Rangoon, the Capital of Burma.


There have been three bomb blasts in the capital of Rangoon resulting in several deaths and injuries. This new situation has resulted in the increase of military presence in Akyab and major towns in Arakan.


According to a local source in Akyab, crowded places such as entrances into large towns, market places, bus stations and official buildings are strictly monitored by the security forces led by the military personnel.


“General Min Aung Hlaing, the commander of the Western Command which covered Arakan state and some parts of the Chin state in Western Burma and who is also the Chairman of the Arakan State Peace and Development Council, arrived at last night in Akyab from his military headquarter in Ann Township, reportedly to supervise the security measures in person,” said a person from Akyab over the phone.


With the unofficial curfew imposed in Akyab after the deaths of a military officer’s family, this new development is making the security situation complicated.


Currently, Akyab and other major towns in Arakan are experiencing an uneasy calm with more soldiers and police present on the streets.


This latest incident is the second bomb blast in Burma within a fortnight. The first bomb was in Mandalay, the second capital of Burma.#



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