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Mrauk U, May 9



Arakanese Democracy Activist Dies After Release From Jail


A member of Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) from Mrauk-U died of injuries sustained from torture inside the Akyab prison, according to a family member.


U Khin Maung Gree was 52 at the time of death in early February this year.


He was one of three members of ALD detained by the junta in 2001, charged with having communication and connection with the Arakanese armed insurgent groups. The other detainees are two lawyers from Mrauk-U: U Shwe Saw U and U Tha Tun Aye.


They were released late in 2004, but U Khin Maung Gree died recently after a few months of struggling with the injuries sustained from torture in prison.


U Khin Maung Gree received severe torture from the military agents as part of the interrogation, said one of the detainees with him. He continued, saying that he believes U Khin Maung Gree could not recover from the injuries because of an HIV infection received in the prison after the torture.


The people from Mrauk-U are also worried that his wife might be infected as well, since she is seriously ill. U Khin Maung Greeís wife is also suffering mentally with her illness in combination with with the grief from her husbandís death.


U Khin Maung Gree left behind his wife and three daughters. The family members are suffering since the neighbors are unable to help due to their fear of possible retaliation from the local authority.


One of the detainees said that their families have not received any help from people who are working for political prisoner's rights and well-being. #



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