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Dhaka, May 9



Opposition groups deny accusations by the junta of involvement in the Rangoon Bomb blast


Ethnic insurgent groups and exiled opposition groups strongly denied any role in Saturday’s bomb blast in Rangoon via Burmese radio programs based overseas.


In a junta radio announcement the junta blamed four groups for the bomb blast, accusing of them of wanting to destabilize Burma. Last Saturday, Rangoon witnessed three bomb blasts that resulted in at least 11 dead and 162 injured.


KNU, KNPP, SSA (South) and NCGUB are the organizations that are being accused of involvement in the bomb blasts.


Khun Okka, Secretary General of the Nation Democratic Front, a coalition of ethnic insurgent groups, said in a VOA Burmese Program there is a strong chance that these bomb blasts are acts of the junta.  “The junta wants to continue its control over the state power by claiming that Burma is unstable. Otherwise, it would be the acts of the Khin Nyunt faction within the junta itself”.  He also stressed that ethnic insurgent groups did not have a record of targeting civilians with violence.


Secretary of Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), Raymond Htoo, said that there was no basis for accusing the KNPP of any involvement in these bomb blasts. “The KNPP is not in a position to get to Rangoon to stage such activities. This incident is just internal conflict within the junta”, he said to RFA.


Secretary of Karen National Union (KNU), Phado Mansha, said in a RFA interview that they are very sad that the SPDC has accused the KNU of involvement in this violent incident. “This incident has nothing to do with the KNU. This accusation is just a meaningless act of the SPDC”.


Nan Khae Saing, a spokesperson from the SSA (South) responded to the accusation of her organization’s involvement by saying that they are engaged with the junta in heavy fighting at the border areas and are not in a position to have anything to do with this incident at the capital. “This incident is internal fighting between factions in the junta”.


On Sunday morning Dr. Sein Win, the Prime Minister of Burmese opposition group the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, said to RFA Burmese program, “This is not the first time NCGUB has been accused of such violent incidents. These three blasts seemed to be very well organized acts. Such a series of well-organized acts could only be the result of a disgruntled faction among themselves”. #



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