(The 10th May 2005)


 (Forwarded by Narinjara News)



We, the members of the Central Committee of NUPA and the senior Commanders of Arakan Army, held a meeting from 2 to 8 of May 2005 and unanimously agreed to recognize and support in principle on the declaration of Shan States independence by the Shan elders on 17 April 2005. We agreed that historically they have legitimate right to declare independence of Shan States to protect their land and their people from the danger of extinction. Why? 


The newly merged Union of Burma on 4 January 1948 was one of the “New Nations” of post-WW II, founded on the Panglong Agreement signed by General Aung San as Head of the Interim Burmese Government and the leaders of Federated Shan States, the Kachin Hills and the Chin Hills on 12 February 1947. The Panglong Agreement guaranteed, among other things, “full autonomy in internal administration”, “rights and privileges which are agreed as fundamental in democratic countries” for the citizens of Frontier Areas. In confidence on this assurance, the signing members of this new nation were the founding members or federating nations of the new Union of Burma. 


After unilateral abolition of this Agreement and the Union Constitution, General Ne Win imposed the Intra-state Imperialism in March 1962 and the non-Burman co-federalist nations were subjugated into Internal Colonies. On the other word, there was no more existence of the Panglong Agreement and Union Constitution, and all the non-Burman co-federalists had right to declare independence or self-determination and sovereignty of their own. (Here, the Arakan and the Mon were included inside the Burma Empire as occupied territories. After declaration of the UNO on De-colonization in 1960s, the colonies like us, conceived in the womb of 3rd World newly independent countries like Union of Burma, underrated to Un-represented or Hidden Colonies. Both hidden and internal colonies are naturally the members of 4th World countries of un-represented nations and peoples.)


If any nation is compelled to integrate, that federal/union will run into an alternative sense, Empire ­i.e. pseudo-federal or pseudo-union in which self-determination of the component nations and equality among them are totally lost and one nation captures domination by which it profits from the land and labour of dominated nations ­the essence of colonialism. In genuine federation, the political problems, coming out, are and will be solved by broad democratic ways and means but in pseudo-federal/union, a kind of modernizing empire like today Burma empire, the armed suppression is the only way of solution and there a new style of colonialism.


Under these circumstances, the peoples in such pseudo-federal/union states are still discriminated against because of their race, sex, language, religion and other attributes. They are still suffering from direct aggression of hidden colonialism and intra-state imperialism, in which the political domination, economic exploitation, racial discrimination, cultural assimilation, persistent denial of human rights and military oppression are prevailing.


Beyond that, the “Burmese official nationalism”, “creation of economic centers to Burma proper” and the “colonial assimilation or Burmanizing policy” of the consecutive ruling Burmese Governments, both civilian and military juntas, are the extra-ordinary characteristics of hidden colonialism and intra-state imperialism, which make more complicate to be solved. And this ethnic cleansing policy has been dragging the oppressed colonies to the terminal of national extinction and loss of homeland ahead. Time passed over half century. Who could give guarantee for our national security and territorial integrity?  Day by day our future is deteriorating and uncertain. 


Such type of pseudo-federal/union cannot exist and maintain peace and unity on the basis of questionable loyalties of its nationals. To eliminate such type of federal/union we should and could replace with a genuine one, in which the right of component nations to self-determination, both internal and external, and full equality among them shall be definitely guaranteed first to have complete confidence and brotherly unity. Otherwise, the complete separation of a group or more from existing pseudo-federal/union may perhaps be unavoidable in situation involving unilateral imposition of unrepresentative regimes and persistent denial of internal self-determination.


There will still be room for the creation of new state in this de-colonized era by exercising secessionist right of self-determination of the oppressed peoples under certain circumstances like today 5th Burma Empire. On the other hand, adherence to the territorial integrity of a state will be a fair solution with alteration of most feasible federal system, now the Ethnic Nationalities Council is going on to establish through the Tri-partite Dialog arranged by UNO since 1994.



The Central Committee

National United Party of Arakan