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Maungdaw, May 17

A robber killed by army in northern Arakan


One man was killed and three were arrested by the Burmese army during a robbery in northern Arakan state on 7 May, said an official source.


The man was killed when a 12 member robbery gang, holding some sophisticated arms, robbed a house in Thik Tonar- Kwasoom village under Maung Daw Township. The deceased was identified as Ei Nurl, 35, from the nearby village of Owe Thain.


3 robbers were caught red-handed on the spot and 5 robbers escaped to Bangladesh.


The Burmese authority reportedly suspects that the robbery was committed by a group of local people in cooperation with a Bangladeshi man from the border area.


According to local sources, crimes including robbery have been on the increase in Maungdaw Township in the last few months, since a number of Nasaka’s officials have been expelled from their jobs.#  


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