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Dhaka, May 24



Bangladeshi Authorities Seized Fertilizers Worth Taka 40 Million


Bangladeshi authorities seized fertilizers worth Taka 40 million from four smuggling boats on 17 May 2005.


According to official sources, the fertilizers that would have been smuggled to Burma were seized by the Bangladeshi coast guard in a raid of four boats in the river of  Meghna.


The Bangladeshi coast guard has recovered 15,000 bags of fertilizers worth Taka 40 million from the boats.


The seized fertilizers belong to four Bangladeshi nationals who are Jamal, Mahsin, Yusuf and Hashem.


Since Bangladeshi-made fertilizer is in high demand by Burmese farmers due to the poor quality of Burmese-made fertilizers, a number of business syndicates in Bangladesh smuggle Bangladeshi fertilizers to Burma.


According to local farmersí sources, the paddy season will be starting very soon in Burma, and so a large amount of fertilizer from Bangladesh will be smuggled to Burma via the Bay of Bengal. #



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