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Maungdaw, May 27, 2005

Price hike on rice after mills closed down in Arakan


The price of rice has gone up recently in Arakan, due to the authorities placing a temporary ban on the milling of rice around Arakan state, said a farmer.


The ban and price-hike has most severely affected the poorer people throughout the state, particularly day laborers and those living along the border.


According to a local rice mill owner from Kyauk Taw, the local authority from the agricultural department has not allowed rice grinding by any rice mills in Arakan state since April, in order to maintain government control of rice production.


Market sources said, in Akyab, the capital Arakan state, the price of  Pawsan Mwe brand rice (high standard) has increased from 7000 kyat to 12000 kyat per bag (50 kg) while the price for normal rice has increased from 5000 kyat to 8,000 kyat per bag (50 kg) within a month.


 In the Maungdaw market, close to Bangladesh, the price of high standard rice (Pawsan Mwe) has increased from 10,000 kyat to 16,000 kyat per bag (50kg) and the price of normal standard rice has increased from 10,000 kyat to 15,000 kyat per bag (50kg).


According to a rice trader from Maung daw, the present retail prices of rice in the Maung  Daw market are: 16,000 kyat per bag (50 kg) for Pawsab Mwe brand, 15,000 kyat per bag for the Ae mahta brand, Nga Sein rice (lower standard) is 10,000 kyat per bag and sticky rice is 15,000 per bag.


People from Maungdaw said that the prices may go up further in the rainy season if remedial measures are not taken by authority immediately.


In Maungdaw, There is not only an increase in the cost of rice but also the cost of other essential commodities. In Maungdaw market the current illegal exchange rate is 1 USD to 990 Burmese kyats and 100 Taka to 1540 Burmese kyat. #



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