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Dhaka, May 27



Bangladesh army begins operation on Bangladesh-Burma border


The Bangladesh army has started a combing operation in the remote area of the hill district town of Bandaban, opposite townships in Burmaís western Arakan state since May 19, 2005, according to an official source.


The operation is intended to rescue two road construction workers who have been abducted by a foreign terrorist group in Roangchchari township of Bandaban district on 1st April for ransom.


The Bangladeshi authorities suspect an Arakanese rebel group in connection with the abduction. But the Arakanese rebel group denied they had any involvement in the affair.


Last year, a retired army officer and a farmer were also abducted by several foreign armed groups.  The Bangladeshi authorities accused one Arakanese rebel group of the abduction.


The Bangladesh army had to launch a one month long operation to rescue the abductees last year. During the operation the Bangladesh army was unable to arrest any of the terrorists, but the army did seize a number of sophisticated arms from the armed groups.


Over 300 army personnel have taken part in the current operation, and the drive is still going on in the border area.


Arakanese rebel groups stationed along the border are closely watching the Bangladesh armyís search for terrorist groups, said an Arakanese politician in Coxís bazaar.


There have not been any confirmed reports concerning how long the operation will continue, he said. #



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