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Cox’s Bazar, May 30


Nasaka, BDR talks for border security

Two commander level officials from Nasaka, Border Security force of
Burma and Bangladesh Rifle held a day long talk in a border town of Bangladesh recently, according to border sources.


The talk was held in a township administration office of Nila, a border town of Bangladesh that is situated on a roadside between Cox’s Bazaar and Taknef town, at 10 am on 28 May.   


A 13 member team from Burma, led by a Nasaka officer Major Tun Aung Win and immigration department officer Tun Tin met with an 8 member team from Bangladesh, led by Colonel Abu Tahal, a commander in charge of BDR battalion 23.


According to sources, topics discussed during the meeting were; reducing cross border smuggling, maintaining  border security and preventing the regular infiltration of people from both sides. After the talk agreements were signed upon.


A Nasaka officer said that the talks were held in a “cordial and positive atmosphere”. Furthermore, the two sides agreed to continue talks in the future. 


Nasaka and BDR forces have formed close ties since the current Bangladesh government came into power in 2001.# 


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