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Cox's Bazaar, May 30, 2005

A young Rakhaing woman was caught red-handed with about 5 grams of heroin


A young Rakhaing woman aged 22 was arrested holding 5 grams of heroin by the Narcotics Department in Cox's Bazaar, the southernmost district town of Bangladesh near the Burmese border, on 28 May, according to a local townsperson. 


She was caught red-handed when narcotics officers raided the woman's house during the day.


The officials have been closely watching the house since two other women were arrested by authorities for dealing heroin on 7 April, the people said.


According to local community sources, a small number of Rakhaing women from Cox’s Bazaar are now becoming involved in heroin dealing, as the people are becoming poorer by the day in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh authorities are now increasing surveillance on drug dealers because the number of drug addicts is now increasing alarmingly everywhere in Bangladesh in recent days. .

According to unconfirmed sources, international drug smugglers may be using Bangladesh territory as a transit point for Burmese produced drugs from the Golden triangle since the Thai government has cracked down on drug smugglers in their country. # 



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