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Dhaka, 8 June 2005



Khaing Moe Lun Day observed by ALP members in the jungle

The 28th anniversary of Khaing Moe Lun Day was observed by members of  the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) in a border area on
4 June 2005, said a statement released by the ALP.

Several leaders and comrades from 4 Arakanese organizations participated in the ceremony. A number of delegates delivered speeches during the ceremony.

Khaing Moe Lun was paid respects by attendees at the ceremony for his sacrificing throughout his life for the Arakanese people.

Khaing Moe Lun is a very famous revolutionary leader among the Arakanese people because he was a founder of the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) and he died in battle with the Burmese army in 1977.  The well-known battle took place during the 2000 mile march to Arakan from Karen state across several Burmese ethnic revolutionary areas including Karenni, Shan and Kachin states.

According to the ALP statement, Khaing Moe Lun formed the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) in the territory of the Karen National Union (KNU), the biggest rebel group in
Burma fighting for self-determination, with KNU's support in 1973 for Arakan liberation.


During the establishment of the ALP party in KNU area, over 300 Arakanese youth joined with him to fight for Arakanese independence. KNU provided military training and arms to assist them.

In 1976, Khaing Moe Lun started his long march to Arakan from Karen state along with over 100 Arakanese soldiers, aiming to wage a liberation war on the Burmese imperialists.

Throughout the long march he fought several gun battles with the Burmese army. After moving beyond Kachin state, a large number of Burmese troops blocked them from entering Chin state. At least 100 battles were fought with the Burmese army in Chin state alone.

The last battle took place in Chin state on
4 June 1977. In the battle 53 comrades fell and 54 were captured by the Burmese army. Khaing Moe Lun took his life with his own pistol rather than be captured by the Burmese.

Now that day has reached its 28 anniversary.  ALP members observe every year the day he was martyred for the Arakanese people.

Even though he fell in battle, the remaining ALP leaders reestablished the Arakan Liberation Party again in the KNU area. Now the ALP has over 300 members and is fighting for Arakanese independence by holding arms, said Khaing Htun Lunn from ALP.

Currently, the ALP president is Khaing Ray Khaing and their headquarters are in the tri-junction area of Burma-India-Bangladesh. #



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