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Cox’s Bazar, 12 June 2005



27-man Burmese hockey team arrives in Dhaka for joint training

A 27-man Burmese hockey team arrived at
Dhaka, Bangladesh Friday for joint training with Bangladesh hockey federation (BKSP), said a report.

The Burmese hockey team came to Bangladesh through the border at Arakan state. The team was received by high ranking officials of Bangladesh at Taknef town, opposite Maungdaw, a Burmese town, at 10:30 on 10 June.

The two month long training is being sponsored by the
Bangladesh sports institute, BKSP.  The Bangladesh government will bear the cost of all expenses during the hockey team's stay.

The Burmese team, consisting of 21 players and 6 officials, is led by U Kyaw Naing, vice-president of the Myanmar Hockey Federation (MHF).


It has been learnt that it is the first time that Bangladesh has conducted training for a foreign team.  Several Bangladeshi hockey coaches will be conducting the training program.


The Burmese military government cannot offer training to the team on its home soil due to a lack of funding in the MHF. Therefore, the team has come to Bangladesh to train under the sponsorship of the Bangladesh government, a sportsman from Rangoon reported. #



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