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Dhaka, 13 June 2005



UNHCR recognized Burmese refugee arrested in Bangladesh

A UNHCR recognized refugee from
Burma was arrested yesterday morning by a group of Bangladesh Rifle (BDR) in Cox’s Bazaar, a district town of Bangladesh near Burma, reported the man's family.

He is identified as Maung Kyaw Moe and his refugee ID card number is 01087. He has been recognized as a refugee by Dhaka UNHCR since 2001.

He was previously living in Dhaka, but is currently living in Cox’s Bazaar with his family after UNHCR enacted a sub-sufficient program for Burmese urban refugees.

According to today's Daily Star report, the authorities accused him of being a member of the National United Party of Arakan (NUPA), and arrested him in a remote
village of Naikhonchari township with 3 other NUPA leaders. The paper reported his name as Domo, along with the other 3 people.

His close friend denied the accusation and report, saying ‘it is totally wrong’. "He was arrested in Cox’s Bazaar when he visited a nearby house of his friend," he said. "Maung Kyaw Moe is not even Arakanese, he is a Burman. I do not believe a Burman has ever supported a separatist group in
Burma," he added.

According to Refugee sources, the man has never been involved in any political parties nor any criminal groups, past or present. Perhaps he may be close with one of NUPA's members, but this is natural.

Now his wife and his family member are very anxious about his security, as they do not know the whereabouts of Kyaw Moe.

Dhaka, many Burmese refugees are now concerned about their security after Maung Kyaw Moe's arrest. Furthermore, Burmese refugees are more anxious as recently the Bangladesh intelligence agency has been making inquiries into the activities of Burmese Democracy groups and anti-gas campaigners in Dhaka.

Bangladesh, there are over 150 Arakanese and Chin urban refugees recognized by the UNHCR in Bangladesh. They have come to Bangladesh out of fear of persecution by the Burmese military government since Burmese democracy uprising took place in 1988.  #


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