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Dhaka, 16 June 2005



Five Arakanese monks arrested with illegal stimulants in southern Burma

Five young Arakanese monks were arrested on 13 June by Burmese authorities in the border town of Kaw Thoung, opposite Ranoung of Thailand, under the Tanintheryi division. 

They were arrested after authorities found them in possession of a small number yama stimulant tablets, reported an Arakanese resident from Kaw Thoung.

The monks were identified as U Mani Zawta, U Wanna Theri, U Nanda, U Wi Sitta, U Zarnay Nya.  All five monks are from Aung Dama Ryittha monastery, located in downtown Kaw Thoung.

The Burmese authorities seized about 200 tablets of the stimulant yama, 3000 Thai baht, and over 100 Burmese national identity cards from the arrested men.

According to a source, the monks are being detained in the Kaw Thoung police station, and are currently undergoing police interrogations.

The incident occurred while the abbot of the monastery was away visiting
Rangoon, the Burmese capital.  The town authority is now taking steps to close down the monastery.


In Kaw Thoung Township, over 10,000 Arakanese are currently living and working at several worksites.  The Arakanese workers have gone to the township to earn better incomes, after the economic hardships they've face in their home state, reported one man. #



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