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Dhaka, 16 June 2005



24 Bangladeshis arrive at Dhaka airport after 1-year jail term in Burma


24 Bangladeshis arrived at Dhaka airport yesterday after their one-year jail term in Burma was concluded, said a report of a local TV channel.


Burmese authorities arrested them last year while they were illegally entering the territory of Burma as a transit point on their way to Malaysia.


According to a source, one local travel agent in Dhaka sent them to Burma last year, intending for them to go to Malaysia via Burma and across Thailand.


28 Bangladeshis were arrested by Burmese authorities in the incident. Afterwards, Burmese courts sentenced them to one year in prison.


Among them, 24 people have now been released, but 4 are still remaining in a Burmese jail, said the reports.#



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