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Akyab, 17 June 2005



Amy collects toll for bank savings

The Burmese army stationed in Arakan state is collecting tolls from local business sectors for savings in a government bank army fund, said a brick kiln owner from Kyauk Taw, situated along the upper Kaladan River.

The military headquarters in Rangoon ordered the army battalions in Arakan state to save at least 10 million Burmese kyat in the army bank, U Pai Ltd, within a year.

Since then several army battalions have been collecting tolls from local businesses as well as traders and travelers, to add to the savings fund.

According to local sources, in Kyauk Taw Township, the army battalions ordered the brick kiln owners to pay 4000 kyat to nearby army headquarters whenever they had sold 10,000 brick pieces from their kilns.

“It is a 35 per cent toll that the army collects per brick. A brick's retail price is 15 kyat in the local market. Now we are paying to the army this rate,” he said.

In Kyauk township, there are five brick kilns and the owners have to pay the tolls to the army battalions in accordance with the order.

Furthermore, the army personnel collect tolls from traders and travelers everywhere in Kyauk Taw and Palawa Township, especially in the border areas. In Kyauk Taw jetty, the army men collect a 500 kyat entrance tax from whoever comes from Chin state to Arakan state.

According to bank sources, over 50 battalions stationed in Arakan state have saved about 3,000 billion Burmese Kyat in U Pai Ltd bank since the army authority from Rangoon made the savings order. #  



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