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Taknef, 17 June 2005



3 mango traders hospitalized in Bangladesh after gun shot by Nasaka

3 mango traders from
Burma have been hospitalized in a town hospital in Bangladesh after  Nasaka, Burma border security force, fired at them on the Naff River, said a businessman.


The incident took place on 14 June while they were crossing Naff River by a small machine boat. The mango traders were bringing 1000 kg of mango to Bangladesh by the machine boat.

A group of Nasaka patrolling the
Naff River by gunship fired on them when they saw the machine boat crossing the Naff River from the Burmese side to Bangladesh.

3 people were wounded, one critically, and another two people escaped the gunfire unharmed.

Currently the injured mango traders are being treated in Taknef town hospital, opposite Maung Daw of

Bangladesh Rifle (BDR) battalion no 23 found the empty boat, with several spots of blood, on the
Naff River on 15 June, said a Bangladesh official.


The business of Arakanese traders who export goods to Bangladesh across the Naff River is very risky.  The traders face attack from both sea dacoits and Nasaka, and are at risk of both injury and death. But many traders still cross over to Bangladesh to sell their goods for more profits, said one businessman from Taknef. #



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