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Buthidaung, 23  June 2005



Forced Labor for Army Brick Kiln

Several villagers have been forced to work in an army brick kiln in
Buthidaung Township, said a villager who fled to Bangladesh recently.

Light Infantry Battalion 565, stationed at Kum Dai Village of Buthi Daung Township, 80 miles north of Arakan's state capital Akyab, has summoned the villagers from nearby villages to work at the army brick kiln.  


The villagers have been working since the kiln project began, which provides funding for the army.

Villagers from Sein Nyin Wa village tract, Kum Dai village tract, Wun Htun village tract, Kan Bai Chaung village tract and Hta Min Chaung village tract have to go to the army brick kiln to work on a rotating basis.

“My village was ordered by the army to send at least 20 people to the brick kiln one day a week. For other days the army summoned people from other villages nearby for the brick kiln,” he said.

The villagers have been forced to work at several work sites in the brick kiln, especially carrying fire-wood and bricks.

The Burmese authority banned the use of forced labor in Burma in recent years but in Arakan state the Burmese army is still employing forced labor at a number of places.#


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