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Mrauk U, 25 June 2005



Natural Gas found instead of water from digging a tube well in Arakan


Natural Gas came out instead of water from a tube well in Set Thar Village in Mrauk-U Township in northern part of Arakan state in western Burma.


On the 17th of this month, the gas came out from the ground of the digging for water in the compound of U Aung Than Kyaw’s house, who is the president of Ya-Ra-Ka, the village level administration body of the junta, SPDC.


The gas attracted attention of the local people who crowded the compound.

A witness of the event said, “The gas emerged from the tube well is flammable. First, people tried setting the gas alight. But later they realise the flame is not going to extinguish by itself. So they forcefully put it out. Since they are fearful of fire, they informed the authorities.”


Administrative authorities from the Mrauk-U Township and officials from Battalion (540), based in Mrauk-U inspected the well and later stopped the gas outflow with a concrete structure.


Currently, a team of geologists is in the village in order to find out wether the gas come from an ore or not.


Set Thar Village lies to the west of Mrauk-U, on the bank of Kalandan River. There is a strong possibility of finding a gas ore there, due to its close proximity to the large offshore Shwe Gas Ore.# 



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