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Coxs Bazar, 27 June 2005


Burma close watch on alleged American naval base in Bangladesh


Burmese military personals in western Burma are keeping a close watch on Onn kyunt Island, Known as St. Martins Island, in southern Bangladesh bordering Burma. The watch resulted from a rumour spreading in the border area that an American naval base is being built at Onn Kyunt Island.


The Nasaka Regional 8, the Burmese border security, based in Inn Dinn, has been gathering information on the local rumour as well as the ship movement around the Island.


The Burmese authority believes that Onn Kyunt Island has been borrowed by the American and soon there will be American navy ships will be trafficking around the Island soon, said an Arakanese person closed to Nasaka.


According a Burmese government official the Nasaka Region (8) has reported to the higher authority of the regime about the rumours of the American Naval base.


He said, the report said that there are 10 building at the Onn Kyunt Island as part of the building project of the naval base. The buildings includes one command centre, a radar station, a watch tower which can monitor up to 300 miles, a guest house, a training centre, a school for the family members and a bridge.


The report also said to have mentioned that since Bangladesh government has ordered the Island resident to relocate, and it also said that the locals do not like the idea of an American military base in the region.


Burma became interested in Onn kyunt Island which located close to the border between Burma and Bangladesh, Naff River, only during the late 2004 with the local rumour of American Naval base.


There has been any official announcement from either American or Bangladeshi governments. #



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