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Cox’s Bazar, 1 July 2005


20,000 People face new threat Due to
Naff River Overflow

20,000 people living along the Bangladesh and Burma border have been facing a new threat following flooding along the upper reaches of the Naff River, a local newspaper has reported.

Since the heavy monsoon rains started on 26 June, the river has overflowed its banks. Heavy rain has continued to fall in the border areas.

Five bridges have been damaged by heavy rains in the border area of
Bangladesh, and several roads and farms are now under floodwaters.

On the
Bangladesh side, people living along the banks of Bakhali creek have been most affected by the overflow. People have had to stop work on their farms in the affected area.

There have been no reports of casualties due to flooding, but people are concerned about contagious diseases that will break out if the heavy rains and flooding continues.

The Naff river flows into the
Bay of Bengal and marks the boundary between Burma and Bangladesh.

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