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Bangladesh Security Forces Raid a Burmese Muslim Rebel Camp


Bangladesh security forces, army and Bangladesh Rifle, raided a Burmese Muslim rebel camp stationed in Bangladesh territory near the Burmese border on 5 July, stated a border report.

In the raid there was no firing between Bangladesh security forces and Burmese Muslim rebels because the Muslim rebels retreated to the safety of the deep forest after they received a tip-off about the raid.

However, Bangladesh security forces arrested one rebel, named Abul Kalan, aged 27, in the raid and recovered a number of explosives and military utensils.

According to official sources, the seized ammunitions are: two cartoons of TNT explosives, 199 bullets of AK 47 rifle, 91 bullets of pistol and several army uniforms.

The camp is located in the deep forest, 30 kilometers south of Naikhongchari town under the Bandaban district of Chittagong hill tract.

Last month in this area Bangladesh authority recovered 8 rocket launchers from the earth near the rebel camp but the authority did not disclose to whom those arms belonged.

There are two Burmese Muslim rebel groups active in the area. The two rebel groups are Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) and Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO).

It has been learnt that a number of Burmese insurgent groups in the Burma/Bangladesh border area have been in disarray since Bangladesh authorities have cracked down on Burmese rebels from Arakan state in he last couple of years.

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