SLORC Order 2/88 of 18 September 1988


Order No. 2/88 of the Organization for Building Law and Order in the State, dated 18 September 1988 - the 8th day of the waxing moon of Tawthalin, 1350


In order to ensure law and order, and peace and tranquility, as well as to ensure the security and ease of transport and communications and the people's livelihood, the chief of staff, Office of the Chief of Staff, issues the following order for all monks and people to abide by:


a. No one, without proper authorization, is permitted to travel on the streets between 2000 and 0400.


b. Gathering, walking. marching in procession, chanting slogans, delivering speeches, agitating, and creating disturbances on the streets by a group of five or more people is banned regardless of whether the act is with the intention of creating disturbances or of committing a crime or not.


c. No one is permitted to open strike centers regardless of whether or not the intent is to create disturbances or to commit a crime.


d. No one is permitted to block roads or to demonstrate en masse


e. No one is to interfere or obstruct people carrying out security duties.



2. This order will stay in force until another order countermands it.


Signed: General Saw Maung, chairman of the Organization for Building Law and Order in the State.



[Source: FBIS-EAS-88-181, 19 September 1988, from Rangoon Domestic Service in Burmese. 1123 GMT 18 Sep 88]