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The Department of Labour's overseas employment office, which is previously situated in the first floor of six-story building in Strand Road, moves to Yarzadiri Street in Botahtaung Township. The office issues labour registration cards for those planning to work abroad.

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 ·         The Indian and Bangladesh companies will establish joint venture company for manufacturing tractors and they expect to export about 3,000 tractors to Burma.

·         Saltwater shrimps farming increases throughout the country in an attempt to penetrate the international market, and saltwater shrimp are farmed in more than 0.25million acres. Burma earned US$346.921millon from fisheries products export in 2004-05 fiscal year.

·         Watermelons and muskmelons prices, which are exported to China via border checkpoint, are up since March second week.

·         Onion price is down about K200 per viss during this month due to increased supply of summer harvest crop. 

·         Burma gained trade surplus since 2002-03 fiscal year because of the government policy that allows importing the required products only.

The international standard hotels are successfully built within 60 days in Naypyidaw hotel zones, and four hotels are

Post No. 21 (April 1)

 ·         An Australian travel and tours company has signed an agreement with Singapore-based Eastern and Oriental Express to provide luxury tour services in Burma and Southeast Asian countries. The agreement included the introduction of a seven-day US$5,999 river cruise in Burma.

·         The Ministry of Information’s Press Scrutiny and Registration Division has permitted the new publishing licences for 28 journals and 15 magazines.

Post No. 20 (March 25)

 Total Company regularly provides health care, education and meal costs for children at the Department of Social Welfare’s three youth training centres in Rangoon

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