3000 Bags of Smuggled Fertilizer Seized Near Burma Waters

Narinjara News

Despite Bangladesh authorities' crack down on fertilizer smuggling to Burma, the illegal trade of fertilizers to Burma from Bangladesh is still widespread.

On Friday, Bangladesh police seized a large number of fertilizers bags from a smuggler's engine boat near Burmese waters. The boat was bound for the western Burma state capital Akyab.

An official Bangladesh source said about 3000 fertilizer bags were seized by police and local officials from an engine boat in the Bay of Bengal in Cox's Bazar District on Friday night. Police also arrested six smugglers in the seizure.

A police official said they suspect the fertilizers were being smuggled to Burma, and they will take action against the six smugglers in accordance with Bangladesh rule.

In Burma, as the government authorities can not meet the demand for fertilizers in agricultural sectors, many farmers have been relying on fertilizers made in Bangladesh and smuggled to Burma for their farms, reported one farmer