Model Villagers Hungry as Rations Cut Off

Narinjara News

As the distribution of government rations to model villagers has been stopped, many model villagers from Rathidaung Township, 20 miles north of the Arakan State capital Akyab, have been facing hunger, according to a report of the villagers.

The report said 25 families, about 82 people, from Padauk Myaing model village, located at the foot of Mayu hill 30 miles northwest of Rathidaung Town are now facing starvation.

The villagers stated that they have been facing starvation for six months, since the government authorities stopped the ration distributions to them in July, 2006.

A model village source said they were moved to the model villages from Rangoon last year in December, and they received the rations and a monthly payment from the authorities for their first six months, from December 2005, to June 2006.

However, the local authorities stopped the distribution of rations and payments to the villagers in July. Without the steady supply of food, they have been facing hunger.

The model villagers have sent an appeal letter to high army officials at the Buthidaung based military operation planning bureau to redistribute the rations as soon as possible, said a model villager from Padauk Myiang.

In Rathidaung Township, there are three model villages, Thazin Myaing, Paduak Myiang, and Inngin Myaing. All three model villages are facing problems with hunger.

In northern Arakan State, there have been 36 government model villages set up by the military authority with migrants from Burma proper since 1992. In all 36 villages, there are 2,571 families, including 5,981 males and 5,911 females, according to a government report.