Special Investigations Bureau Arrests a Number of Customs Officials in Northern Arakan

Narinjara News

Burma's Special Investigations Bureau and police forces raided the customs office in the western border town of Maungdaw on Wednesday night and arrested several customs officials, reported a police official from Maungdaw who declined to disclose his name.

A source said at least 11 custom officials were arrested in the raid, and many office files and documents from the office were seized by the Special Investigations Bureau.

The authorities detained the customs officials inside a room in the customs office during the night and the next morning brought them to the town of Buthidaung, proceeding to Akyab, the Arakan State capital, said the police officer.

The reason for the arrest has not been disclosed by the authority so far, but it is likely to be connected to the recent crack down on customs officials in Burma.

On 4 December, four customs officials from Buthidaung and three customs officials from Maungdaw were arrested by authorities on suspicion of corruption.

Recently, Burma's military authority arrested over 100 high ranking customs officials and later sentenced to them to several year imprisonments.