Government Buildings Likely to Move from Downtown Akyab for New Port

Narinjara News

There has been a rumor in the Arakan state capital of Akyab that many of the government buildings located in downtown Akyab will have to move outside of Akyab to accommodate for a new port which will be built with the help of the Indian government next month, said a prominent Arakanese businessman.

He said, "There was a rumor among people that the hospital, bank and central market in Akyab will be moved to Visali ground, out of downtown Akyab.

A source said that the Burmese military government determined to build the Akyab port in front of Akyab general hospital, near the central post office. There are also a number of key government buildings in the area.

"It is true that the hospital must be moved to another place because the hospital is very close to the new port and it is not possible for the hospital to remain near a noisy port," said the businessman.

A business source said if the Akyab port were built in the area that the hospital and other government buildings will be bulldozed by the Burmese military authority because the port can not be built if the buildings remain in place.

In Akyab, a rumor is spreading that the hospital, post office, bank, market and other government buildings will be moved out of Akyab when the construction of the new port begins.

However, there is no official report from the government regarding whether the buildings will be moved to another place in Akyab to make room for the new port.

The Burmese military government and the Indian government agreed to build Akyab port, and India will invest $100 million in the port in order to connect its northeastern states to Southeast Asia. It is hoped that this new connection will help India to enhance business development.