New Restrictions on Ships Prompted by Fuel Crisis in Arakan


Narinjara News Akyab,

22 December 2006     


Many government ships in several inland waterways in Arakan state have not been allowed to maintain their normal schedules due to a fuel crisis, said a well-known businessman from Akyab.   He said that the authority has reduced the frequency of ship trips between the Arakan state capital and other towns in Arakan since a recent fuel price increase.    In Akyab, in the direction of Mrauk U, ships were running four days per week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The ships can now only run two days per week: Tuesday and Saturday.   Many inland waterways including Akyab-Kyauktaw, Akyab-Taunggup and Akyab-Buthidaung are facing the same problem.   In the direction of Akyab-Taungup, a ship can run one day per week when it previously ran two days per week, the businessman said.   Arakan state is a costal region and people have to use ships to travel around the state.  Since the reduction of ship trips, many travelers are facing problems and many goods are not able to be transported on time.   In Arakan state, current fuel prices are as follows: 4800 kyats for a gallon of petrol, 5800 kyats for a gallon of Diesel and 6000 kyats for a gallon of kerosene. Many vehicle prices including buses, taxis and ships, doubled in Arakan recently, said the businessman.