Two Chin People Arrested for Connection to Insurgent Group

Narinjara News

Two Chin nationals were recently arrested by the Burmese army in Mrauk U Township, Arakan, as they were reportedly linked to Chin rebels, said a family member.

They were identified as U Yaung Chay and U Aung from Pyilong Gri village in Mrauk U Township, Arakan.

The family member said they were not involved in any anti-government activities in the past or present and they are innocent. Nevertheless, the army has accused them of having connections to Chin rebels.

A village source said that the army beat and tortured the arrestees in front of villagers following the arrest. Furthermore, army personnel warned villagers to not support chin rebels or else they would face the same consequences.

The authority has detained U Yaung Chay and U Aung at Thama Rit police station, a new town of Mrauk U recently built by the army authorities, and there has not been any trial as there are not any solid documents to sue them in court.