Three Bangladeshi Prisoners Die in Burma

Narinjara News

Three Bangladeshi prisoners recently died in a Burmese jail due to inadequate treatment for their illnesses, according to a report of Nasaka, the Burmese border security force.

The victims were identified as Ali Ahmad, 30 years old, Mohmad Aleam, 32, and Mohamad Along, 23, from Cox's Bazar District in Bangladesh.

A source said Nasaka authorities notified their Bangladesh counterparts of the deaths during the flag meeting that was held in Maungdaw on 26 December.

Burma's Nasaka had planned to transfer 26 Bangladeshi prisoners to Bangladesh officials during the flag meeting, but handed over only 23, as the three men had died in jail.

In Burma's jails, 31 Bangladeshi prisoners still remain, while in Bangladesh jails there are over 300 Burmese prisoners. Burmese prisoners in Bangladesh have been unable to return to Burma as the Burmese authorities have refused to accept them. #