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Last updated: June 19, 2009
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Burmese Army/DKBA takes three KNLA Bases

Burmese government forces and the DKBA took three Karen rebel positions in it's ongoing 7th Brigade offensive which has seen thousands of refugees flee across the Thai border.

"We captured 3 small KNU positions and are closing in on two main bases," said Captain Kha Koe of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) quoted by AP. Continue

SPDC rebukes EU Declaration
Claims 4000 Internally Displaced People are KNLA Family members

The State Peace and Development Council’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has issued a statement claiming that the recent EU Presidency Declaration on Karen Civilians fleeing fighting shows ‘total ignorance'. Continue

Refugee in Leh Per Her (FBR)Burma Army and DKBA mortars land in Thailand as attacks on Karen people continue in Ler Per Her refugee camp area

Villagers continue to flee and thousands remain displaced as attacks intensify against Karen villagers and resistance in Pa-an District, central Karen State, eastern Burma. Seven mortars fired by the Burma Army and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) landed in Thailand on June 8 and 9 according to reports received by the Free Burma Rangers. On June 8 three mortars landed close to Ta Zu Nya, opposite a position held by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the resistance force of the Karen National Union (KNU). Four landed close to Mae Salit village in Tha Song Yang province, Tak district, western Thailand on June 9.


KNU Statement on British Government Call for SPDC to
Enter Into Dialogue With Ethnic Groups

The Karen National Union warmly welcomes a statement by Ivan Lewis, British Foreign Office Minister responsible for Burma, that the participation of all ethnic groups is “crucial” for national reconciliation in Burma. The Minister also stated that: “The full and equitable participation of Burma’s ethnic groups in the political process has to be the key to a durable, sustainable solution to its problems.” The statements took place in a Parliamentary debate on Burma held in the British Parliament on 9th June. Continue

KNU Statement on SPDC-DKBA Combined Forces’ Offensive

The KNU has met with successive regimes in power for resolution of the civil war peacefully by political means, though it has been leading armed resistance for more than 60 years. Continue