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Karen Heritage Yearbook 2007


Karen History and Culture Preservation Society Yearbooks contain articles gathered from a number of international sources that relate to the ethnic Karen people of Burma. They are published to aid research and promote a greater understanding of the Karen situation.

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Colour and B/W Photos, Maps and Tables.


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Saw Ba U GyiThe first in the Karen History and Culture Preservation Society' educational 'Voices of the Revolution' series focusing on those Karen leaders who have influenced the Karen struggle.


'Voices of the Revolution' Saw Ba U Gyi


The book examines the influence Saw Ba U Gyi has had on the revolution from his time in the pre-independence Burmese government through to the battle of Insein, the declaration of a free state of Kawthoolei and his tragic death at the hands of the Burmese army.

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Black and White and Colour Illustrations.




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The Karen History and Culture Preservation Society will be re-issuing 'The Karens and Their Struggle for Freedom' - an official KNU history of their struggle - combined with an analysis of the 1996/97 peace talks translated by Saw Ba Khin. The re-issue has been updated to include the 2003 ceasefire negotiations and include a number of new coloured illustrations, photographs and maps. The document will initially be released in an electronic format (pdf).


The Karens and Their Struggle For Freedom


Origially published as ‘The Karens and their Struggle For Freedom’ in 1991 by the Karen National Union
Reprinted under the same title by the KNU in July 1992 , 18 pages, and in 1997 to include Peace taks in 1996/7, 42 pages.

This version reprinted and updated with a new forward, Chronology, colour illustations, and images in 2006 by the Karen History and Culture Preservation Society

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