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Battle news (Tenessarim Division)

KNLA: There was a clash between KNLA Battalion 11 and Slorc LIB
103 in Tha Baw Laik Gyi, Tenessarim township, on 15.9.95. Two
Slorc soldiers were killed and one injured. One KNU soldier
was wounded. 

ABSDF: There was a big clash between the combined troops of both 
factions of the ABSDF and the MTUF (Mergui Tavoy United Front) with Slorc 
troops in Bartaung and Set Pu villages of West-Mergui township in
Tenessarim Division on October 2 (4:00PM-4:20PM), 1995. Slorc LIB
No. 224 engaged in fighting with combined troops of both factions of the 
ABSDF (Battalions 201, 102 and 203) and the MTUF. 

Tun Aung of the ABSDF and a soldier from MTUF sacrificed their
lives for the cause of the country. Tin Maung Win and Aye Cho of
ABSDF were injured. Initial reports say that there were five
casualties on the Slorc side. 

There was also a small clash between a troop of Battalion 203
of the ABSDF and Slorc troops in the beginning of October in
Tha Gyet village of Tenasserim township. Than Zaw, a sergeant
from Battalion 203 of ABSDF sacrificed his life in the battle.
Three Slorc soldiers were killed and five wounded, according to
the local sources.

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