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Difficult to help.... (r)

Sawasdee Khun Laura,

Could you please send your resume to us.
Images Asia

On 31 Oct 1995, Laura Arnow wrote:

> From: "Laura Arnow" <larnow@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I'd be interested in more information about opportunities to
> work on the Thai-Burma border.  I returned in January from
> Peace Corps service in Thailand's largest national park, a huge
> forest on the border just west of Bangkok.  I worked in a Karen
> village in the middle of the park, and was completely enchanted
> by my neighbors there.  My primary project focussed on helping
> them remain in the valley they had inhabited for no one knows
> how long.  From the village it was four days' walk to the 
> border, but I never had the chance to go.
> Could you let me know what sort of opportunities might be 
> available for a person like me, with eclectic interests and 
> skills?  I have worked as a field biologist, environmental 
> technician/planner, and am presently working as an educator.  I 
> have some computer skills, nothing fancy, and speak Thai 
> comfortably, for what that's worth.  Not sure when or exactly 
> how I would be available, but I would like to know what kind of 
> projects there might be.  
> I always enjoy your postings.
> Laura Arnow
> 2128 Hayes St
> San Francisco, CA  94117