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Dr. Sgeal & SLORC's Myanmar (r)

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Ko Tun,

  You waste your time in spending so much time rebutting Dr. Segal's 
posting on soc.culture.burma  Assuming Mr. Segal exists, it is a fair 
bet that he didn't write it.  His wife, Miriam Marshall Segal has been 
responsible for much other pro-SLORC propaganda and she is the likely 
auther of this piece as well.  

 Ms. Segal is an example of the axiom that there is no honor among 
thieves.  One of her recent business ventures was as the head of the
Peregrine Fund's investment arm in Myanmar; Peregrine Myanmar.  
Peregrine if I remember correctly is a Hong Kong based investment firm 
that is long on money and short on scruples.  Peregrine got into a sort 
of joint venture arrangement with Segal--they put up most of the money, 
she put up her contacts with the SLORC and together they set out to 
invest in Burma.  Unfortunately for Peregrine, Ms. Segal was less than 
faithful to her end of the bargain.  Persons who were interested in 
investing with Peregrine Myanmar were being steered by Ms. Segal into 
placing their money directly with her, thus cutting Peregrine out of 
commissions and profits.  It seems that Peregrine learned of this 
arrangement when someone in the Rangoon office of Peregrine accidently 
faxed a memo from Segal.  The memo, detailing how this worked, went to 
Peregrine's office in Hong Kong instead of its intended recipient--one 
of Miriam's co-conspirators.  Ms. Segal was promptly fired by Peregrine 
which was mad enough to complain to the SLORC.  No word yet on whether 
they received any justice yet.

This is the version of the story as it was related to me in Rangoon.  
Ms. Segal apparantly has her own version of the story with different 
heroes and villains.  Rather than critiquing her posting on the net, 
perhaps we should be asking her to share with us her version of why 
Peregrine fired her.



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 >         I have rested quite a long time having debates and making
 >         reasoning in Burmanet and soc.culture.burma. The reason is
 >         I am busy with my studies and some social activities.
 >         This time, Dr. Segal's article "Why Myanmar?" posted in
 >         soc.culture.burma by a SLORCist invited me to give some reasoning
 >         why Dr. Segal has written such a self-corrupted article for
 >         neo-facist SLORC. Dr. Segal argues that U.S should exploit from
 >         Myanmar's current situation. Otherwise U.S will be way behind
 >         Japan, Singapore, and other Myanmar's neighbouring countries,
 >         which are what he describes "quitely" doing business with SLORC of
 >         Myanmar.
 >         First, let me prelude with request to readers. If you know how
 >         this article could reach to Dr. Segal, I would like to request you
 >         to go ahead and forward to him. I would appreciate if you do that.
 >         If the article "Why Myanmar?" is directly written by a SLORC's
 >         assigned spy or informer or internet guerrilla, I will not take
 >         this much time to reply the article. Mr. Segal is a a scholar and
 >         is grown in country like America where human reasoning and human
 >         dignity are highly valued. I am surprised to see such scholar and
 >         professional gentle man has sympathy toward the dictatorship like
 >         SLORC of Myanmar. In his assumption and analysis, the victims of
 >         neo-facist dictatorship Gen. Ne Win's army have been put aside and
 >         considered to value what SLORC (Ne Win Army) has done some part of
 >         what he called "development" in Myanmar during last three years.
 >         Dr. Segal failed to consult with his own education that he had
 >         earned from high institutions in US and therefore, he failed to value
 >         the victims' investment for democracy and justice in Burma.
 >         I am sure, Dr. Segal knows how peaceful demonstrators calling for
 >         peaceful political transition in 1988 were fired by G-3 rifles of
 >         Gen Ne Win's army. I am sure Dr. Segal has knowledge of knowing how
 >         SLORC has been using varieties of tactics to continue holding power
 >         without transferring elected representatives of 1990. I am sure
 >         Dr. Segal has enough education to judge what the democracy and
 >         justice mean. I am sure Dr. Segal has sufficient I.Q to bear wisdom
 >         whether making business with neo-facist SLORC is ethical.  However,
 >         Dr. Segal failed to consult with all of his own ability and
 >         education to justify whether making business with SLORC will help
 >         44 million of people or a few of SLORC generals. By the way,
 >         neo-facist SLORC is not the whole Burma Army but very few generals
 >         who have absolute power to control the Burma Army and use as a
 >         tool to protect their power in Burma's politics. No doubt there
 >         are truly patriotic generals and enlightened soldiers who love
 >         Burma to develop for the people of Burma and to protect the national
 >         independence.  Now is time for these generals and soldiers to
 >         clear cut their position in Burma as a patriotic soldiers who
 >         entered Burma army to serve for the people. These soldiers should
 >         be aware of modern economic war going on in open market field
 >         promoted by such unethical businessman like Dr. Segal who see a place
 >         like Burma as an open field to exploit for the benefit of their
 >         own, without caring how local citizens of Burma are suffering from
 >         relocation projects, forced labor, porters, and oppression of
 >         freedom of expression under SLORC's generals.
 >         Burma under SLORC, in this modern economic war, is going to be
 >         defeated by neighbouring cash-hungry countries and companies like
 >         Dr. Segal's which completely know the whole situation of country and
 >         try to take the benefit of this situation. If we, Burmese citizens,
 >         loose in this economic war, we are going to be enslaved by unethical
 >         capitalism which worship money rather than religion of human
 >         dignity. Being in modern form of slave under unethical capitalist,
 >         the citizens of Burma will become waged workers, secretaries of
 >         opportunistic capitalists, and finally people lives will be drawned
 >         under modern credit unions. The best example could be found in our
 >         immediate neighbour Thailand. This is not the goal that the
 >         generation of 1974 and generation of 1988 are struggling for
 >         democracy and basic rights in Burma. However, this kind of
 >         situation is going to be happened in SLORC's Myanmar as I have
 >         read an article in a prominent magazine. (I omited the name of
 >         magazine because the magazine is facing serious warning from SLORC).
 >         The article was about a Shan lady from Lashio with IFL (Institute
 >         of Foreign Language, Rangoon University) certificate in Japanese
 >         went to Rangoon to apply for a job at a joint-venture company. She
 >         met with the author of article at the Airport on the way to her
 >         home town Lashio. The author asked the Shan lady what she was
 >         doing in Rangoon. She explained that she came to Rangoon to look
 >         for a job to support her family and a younger brother who was
 >         studying at Lashio College.  The author continued to ask what kind of
 >         job she was doing. She explained that she refused to accept the
 >         job and decided to go back to Larsho. The author wondered why. So he
 >         continued to ask "because they pay you not well?" "No", the lady
 >         replied "I just had interview with the company manager and he
 >         didn't ask me anything about my qualifications or my educational
 >         background, but he looked around my body and decided to pay me
 >         8000 kyat per month." The lady continued "as a secretary, I have to
 >         follow wherever he goes and must stay together with him all along
 >         his business trip." With her angry face, she continued "I have my
 >         own education and I cannot do that kind of job" and "he is a foreign
 >         businessman," the lady said. (a translation from Burmese).
 >         Gentlemen, the patriotic generals and soldiers, your country
 >         Myanmar is what Bo Gyoke Aung San had warned it could become "Phar
 >         Naing Ngan" (country of prostitutes) if we don't unite and work
 >         hard to develop Union of Burma. This trend is more likely to
 >         become under SLORC's economic open door policies, which is different
 >         from Deng Xiao Peng's open door policy for greater China.  People
 >         like Dr. Segal know all of these, but as far as these problems are not
 >         directly theirs, they are not going to care whatever happen to
 >         Burma. It will be logically wrong to say they are wrong because as a
 >         truck driver at the picketting at PepsiCo last Friday Oct. 27 in
 >         Bloomington, Indiana said "it is their (Burmese) problem, they
 >         kill themselves."  No doubt Dr. Segal idea is the same as truck
 >         driver's idea because Dr. Segal said "Japan, Singapore, and other
 >         neighbouring countries are quitely doing business with Myanmar,
 >         why not U.S."
 >         I am, at this point, thinking why U.S become a world respected
 >         democratic and justice state. It is not because how much money US has
 >         or how US is rich, but because how U.S has tolerance toward the
 >         search of justice and human dignity. Citizens like Dr. Segal is going to
 >         destroy U.S's reputation.
 >         Dr. Segal might have some rational reasons like Samuel Huntington who
 >         wrote "Political Orders in Changing Societies" and "Third Wave."
 >         I have sympathy with Huntington for his time and condition of the
 >         world to promote such an idea that the "effective" authoritarian
 >         government is needed at the political transition in societies. It was in
 >         unstable time. And now is the time of shaping enlightment for
 >         better humanity and reasonable justice under common sense.  Governing a
 >         country with absolute oppression is unacceptable and it is the
 >         enemy of social justice in modern world.  It is a wrong message for
 >         future's history books that will certainly be applied as text
 >         books in the class room of Dr. Segal's grandchildren and our children.
 >         It is evidence that the baby boom generation of WWI & WWII learned
 >         war is the solution for self-justice and therefore, revolutions in
 >         USSR, China, and Eastern Europe had experienced nasty, brutish, and
 >         killings each others. Nowadays shouldn't have any space for such
 >         kind of activities that degrade "natural given" or "God given"
 >         humanity.  However, Dr. Segal seems not to care the time for the
 >         future of our children, but just to care the time of his survival.
 >         It is narrow minded and it will help nothing to develop better
 >         humanity. Therefore, he dare do promote to do business with SLORC
 >         which is committing nasty, brutish, and killings that could even
 >         combined WWI & WWII's atrocities. Dr. Segal and SLORC are associated
 >         to develop Myanmar but not Burma.
 >         Tun Myint.