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Dr. Sgeal & SLORC's Myanmar (r)

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995 strider@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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> Ko Tun,
>   You waste your time in spending so much time rebutting Dr. Segal's 
> posting on soc.culture.burma  Assuming Mr. Segal exists, it is a fair 
> bet that he didn't write it.  His wife, Miriam Marshall Segal has been 
> responsible for much other pro-SLORC propaganda and she is the likely 
> auther of this piece as well.  
>  Ms. Segal is an example of the axiom that there is no honor among 
> thieves.  One of her recent business ventures was as the head of the
> Peregrine Fund's investment arm in Myanmar; Peregrine Myanmar.  
> Peregrine if I remember correctly is a Hong Kong based investment firm 
> that is long on money and short on scruples.  Peregrine got into a sort 
> of joint venture arrangement with Segal--they put up most of the money, 
> she put up her contacts with the SLORC and together they set out to 
> invest in Burma.  Unfortunately for Peregrine, Ms. Segal was less than 
> faithful to her end of the bargain.  Persons who were interested in 
> investing with Peregrine Myanmar were being steered by Ms. Segal into 
> placing their money directly with her, thus cutting Peregrine out of 
> commissions and profits.  It seems that Peregrine learned of this 
> arrangement when someone in the Rangoon office of Peregrine accidently 
> faxed a memo from Segal.  The memo, detailing how this worked, went to 
> Peregrine's office in Hong Kong instead of its intended recipient--one 
> of Miriam's co-conspirators.  Ms. Segal was promptly fired by Peregrine 
> which was mad enough to complain to the SLORC.  No word yet on whether 
> they received any justice yet.
> This is the version of the story as it was related to me in Rangoon.  
> Ms. Segal apparantly has her own version of the story with different 
> heroes and villains.  Rather than critiquing her posting on the net, 
> perhaps we should be asking her to share with us her version of why 
> Peregrine fired her.
>   Regards,
>      Strider
As a journalist, I agree with Strider. There is a major story here: Ms 
Segal has swindled money from Paregrines and the Slorc, or both. Her 
cerdibility as a "letter writer" on any subject, or as a witness in 
Congress, is zero. What we need to know is why Peregrine fired her, and I 
do believe that Peregrine owes the press this information. Over the past 
years, there have been numerous rumours about Ms Segal and her 
involvement in Burma, which do not seem to be confined to shrimps. In a 
printed handout (of which I have got a copy) she states that Peregrine 
Myanmar (when she was the person in charge in Rangoon) had unique access 
to the army's pension funds. These "funds", as we all know, is a 
euphemism for laundered drug money. What does Peregrine have to say about 
this? We in the media are waiting for an answer, not just an apology. 
In their own interest, Peregrine should respond to this, rather than have 
to appear in court in Hongkong, where I believe they are registered. 
Sincerely, Bertil Lintner, Bangkok