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Enquiry - Floods in Burma (r)

Dear Dr. Gary Watson:

Although I graduated M.Sc. Physics from  Rangoon University, I admit I knew
almost nothing about the Government's meteorological Dept at the time.  I
am certain, however, that  this dept. was one of the most underfunded ones
under the military regime.  But, we had three well acknoledged Physicists
in Burma who run the weather department effectively: U Thila, Dr. Ba Hli,
and U Htay Aung. All these gentlemen served as the Director General of  the
Weather Dept in Rangoon.

We will try find more about the potential contacts to help you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. K. Tint, BSc, MSc Physics (Rangoon Univ.) Ph. D. Electronic Engineering
(Nagoya Univ.)

FYI: Dr. Maung Maung Kha who was Rector of  Rangoon University is one
earliest meteorological physicist in Burma. He was never appreciated by the
military government because the students loved and respected him too much
during his days.

>From: Gary Watson <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Dear Burmanet,
>I am a researcher at the Disaster Prevention Research institute, Kyoto 
>University. My research interest is coastal flooding along the coast of the 
>Bay of Bengal due to abnormal sea-level rise during cyclones (i.e. storm 
>surges).  I would like to find sources of information about storm surges 
>and flooding in Burma.  I would be very grateful if anybody can offer
>information or suggest who I might contact for regarding the following:
>1.  Whether there was any serious flooding or disaster caused by the 
>severe cyclone that struck the northern coast of Burma on 2 May last 
>year (1994).
>2.  Obtaining data from tide gauges in Burma.
>3.  Whether there are any scientists in Burmese universities or 
>laboratories who are studying this problem.
>Any information that you can provide would be very helpful to me in my 
>studies, and eventually may perhaps contribute to reducing the effect of 
>such disasters.
>If you can suggest how else I might make use of internet to help
>with my enquiries, please let me know your suggestions.
>Yours Sincerely,
>Dr. Gary Watson
>Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto 
>University, Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611, Japan
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