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SLORC Embassy Officially Denied Chi

Subject: SLORC Embassy Officially Denied Children's Right

SLORC Embassy Officially Denied Children's Right

Released by ISBDA on November 4, 1995.

The following is a translation of official document to proove that SLORC is
violating children's rights in education. Friends who would like to get the
original Burmese document should send back their fax number to ISBDA. 

Transltion of the Announcement by


Re: Examinations of1995/96 Academic Year for the Classes from Basic
Education Primary School to High School which will be held at the Embassy
of Myanmar, Tokyo.

1. The examinations of basic education primary school through high school
and remote university classes at the embassies in foreign countries were
arranged only for those sons and daughters of civil servants who are
assigned to work abroad by the Government.

2. For the reason  mentioned  above, it is to notify to the Myanmarese  who
came  to Japan by their own means for the purpose of business that the
embassy has kindly considered for these citizens to allow as final chance
sitting the examinations in the basic education primary school through high
school  classes for 1995/96 academic year if they meet the following
guidelines. Since this is the last  acceptance for sitting examination
here, it is advisable to plan by themselves to sit examinations inside

Those who apply to sit the examinations should be:

(a) genuine sons or daughters of  Myanmar parents who both have fully paid 
their tax money to the Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.
(b) able to sign in a pledge that he or she will neither involve in the
organizations that are against the Government of Myanmar nor contact and
support them.
(c) charged in accordance with the law and regulations, if he or she is
found later that they are not consistent with the above mentioned paragraph

3. It is to notify that the embassy regards  applicants eligible to sit
their examinations after careful selection  procedure whether they are
found consistent or can follow above mentioned  facts (or restrictions).

                                Signed for the Ambassador
                                (Kyaw Tint Swe, Counselor in Chief)

Dated: 1995 October 3rd.


- All the staff members in the Embassy.
- All the staff-members at the Office of Myanmar Military Attach (Army,
Navy, Air Force)
- Myanmar Five Stars Shipping Lines (Tokyo Branch Office)
- U Ohn Thaw, Professor, Kyoto University.
- Bill Board.
- Office Out File.